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Master of Economics Program (revised edition 2011-TQF)

The Study Period

    - The study period for the Master Degree Program is no more than 6 academic years.
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Master' Level

Master of Economics Program
  Name of the Degree
  Degree: Master of Economics


  Applicant Qualifications
They must have completed in bachelors degree in economics or its equivalent with grade point average 2.50 from accepted universities certified by the via Ministry of Education; and

They must have at least one year s experience since graduat ing e from the university.



Note: 1. For Non-economic non e Economic Degree Graduate s the School of Economic s will offer training in basic fundamental s in microeconomics, macroeconomics, mathematics and statistics.


           2. Applicants who meet qualifications 1) through 6 2) above must not have any disease that would be an undue hindrance to their studies and must never have previously had their student status from the university suspended due to bad behavior. If a student was once suspended for bad behavior but the offense was not intentional or was due to negligence or has reason to be pardoned, he or she may request to be re -instated upon the approval of the Academic Senate once a full 5 years have passed from the date of suspension.


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