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Study Areas

Master of Science Program in Food System Management for Nutrition (revised edition 2014-TQF)
Master of Arts Program in Family and Social Development (revised edition 2011-TQF)
  The Study Period
The study period for the Master Degree Program is no more than 6 academic years.
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Master' Level

Master of Science Program in Food System Management for Nutrition
  Name of the Degree
  Degree: Master of Science (Food System Management for Nutrition)
  Abbreviation: M.Sc. (Food System Management for Nutrition)
  Applicant Qualifications
Holders of bachelor degree or equivalent in food and nutrition or related fields of food and nutrition or other fields of studies from education institutions certified by the Office of Higher Education Commission; and
Have a GPA at the bachelor degree level not lower than 2.50.

Notes:   1) Those having qualifications specified in 1-2 must not suffer from diseases that obstruct them from studies and must not be dismissed from other universities or higher education institutions due to bad behaviors;
             2) Those who graduate from other fields of studies may be admitted to the program by considering the results of their studies and experiences. The University mayrequire them to study additional courses namely Course 71702 (20702002)
 Human Nutrition or Course 71412 (20723010) Food, Nutrition Studies and Communication or other courses based on the decisions specified by the School’s Graduate Studies Committee and the University Committee.
               3) Those who have GPA lower than 2.50 may be admitted to the program by considering their experiences as specified by the University.


Master' Level

Master of Arts Program in Family and Social Development
  Name of the Degree
  Degree: Master of Arts (Family and Social Development)
  Abbreviation: M.A. (Family and Social Development)
  Applicant Qualifications
Have completed a bachelors degree or equivalent from the university or other higher education institutions approved by Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University Council;
Have work experience related to home economics, environment, social development, public health, procedural justice, labor welfare, family and social welfare, social work, community development, human resource development, formal and non-formal education, or other experience related to family and social development of at least 2 years after completion of bachelors degree; and

Be able to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the level of being able to read academic papers.

  Note:  Applicants having qualifications specified in items 1-3 must not have diseases that obstruct their studies and must not have been expelled from the university because of their misconduct except that they committed those actions without intention or negligence and repent in action They are able to reapply providing that the University Senate approved their application after 5 years of the announcement of withdrawal from student status.

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