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Study Areas

Master of Science Program in Industrial Technology (new curriculum 2011-TQF)
Master of Science Program in Information and Communication Technology (revised edition 2011-TQF)
  The Study Period
The study period for the Master Degree Program is no more than 6 academic years.
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Master' Level

Master of Science Program in Industrial Technology
  Name of the Degree
  Degree: Master of Science (Industrial Technology)
  Abbreviation: M.Sc. (Industrial Technology)
  Applicant Qualifications
Bachelorís degree or equivalent degree from universities or institutions recognized by the University Council in the area related to science, technology, engineering, industry and other related fields;
Not below 2.50 grade point average (GPA) of bachelorís degree;

One year work experience related to industry; and


Having English proficiency at the criteria required by the University; or


Those approved by the Academic Senate to study with no affect to standards of the Universityís graduate studies.

  Note:    1. Applicants who are qualified almost all requirements (1, 3, 4) except GPA below 2.50 might be admitted by concerning on their work experiences.
    2. Applicants who are qualified from 1 ) to 5) must not have diseases obstructive to their studies and be suspended status students due to misconduct. If punishment of doing something that was not intentional was made, they will be allowed to re-enroll upon the Academic Senate consideration. However, it will take 5 years after the suspension announcement of student status.
    3. For applicants who have no knowledge in industry, the School may allow them to further study any course/attend additional training by the University approval.

Master' Level

Master of Science Program in Infofmation and Communication Technology
  Name of the Degree
  Degree: Master of Science (Information and Communication Technology)
  Abbreviation: M.Sc. (Information and Communication Technology)
  Applicant Qualifications
Holder of a bachelorís degree or equivalent qualification from other higher education institutions;
Have working experience not less than 1 year after graduated bachelorís degree; and

Have knowledge and ability in English usage and writing computer programs.



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