STOU Hosts 57th ICET World Assembly


During 25–28 June 2013, STOU hosted the 57th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching. The theme of the conference was “Innovations and Trends in Education”. All of the papers and presentations fit into this theme by addressing one or more of the following sub-themes:

  • Alternative, Community and Sustainable Education
  • Distance Education, Lifelong Learning and Multiliteracies
  • Leading and Managing Quality Schools
  • 21st Century Student Support Practices and Programs

Nearly 200 participants from all continents registered for the conference. Attendees included educational professionals such as teachers, professors and administrators, graduate students, and policymakers from both state and non-governmental bodies.

The first three days began with keynote speeches. On 25 June, the first keynote speaker was Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chailerd Pichitpornchai, President of STOU, who gave a presentation on brain-based learning. Following this was another keynote speech, delivered by Dr. Surin Pitsuwan, the former Secretary General of ASEAN.

On 26 June, Dr. Allan Luke from Queensland University of Technology (Australia) spoke about the educational potential—particularly for lower-income, traditionally "underachieving" schools—of curricula and techniques that take advantage of students' multiliteracies.

On the third day, Mr. Gwang-Chol Chang, Chief of the Educational Policy and Reform Unit at UNESCO’s office in Bangkok, gave a keynote speech outlining the ways UNESCO has been working to bring quality education to all learners in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as strategies for addressing existing barriers to quality learning.

More than eighty of the particpants also prepared paper presentations for the conference, which were all well-received by their colleagues in concurrent sessions throughout the first three days of the World Assembly. Besides this formal academic activity, the conference gave particpants a chance to exchange views, discuss developments and establish connections with other educational professionals through events such as the Welcome Reception held at STOU.

In order to give guests a better understanding of education in Thailand as well as a taste of Thailand’s cultural attractions, two post-conference tours were organized for 28 June. One went to La-Or Utis Demonstration School (primary school) and Grand Palace in Bangkok, while the other went to Horwang School (secondary school) and historical sites in Ayutthaya province.

To view the full gallery of images from the 57th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching, please scroll to the bottom of the official conference website.