Celebrations Planned for Loi Krathong

In conjunction with public offices and public enterprises in Nonthaburi province, STOU is organizing celebrations for Loi Krathong to be held on the evening of Wednesday, 28 November, at our main campus in Nonthaburi. As many readers may already know, Loi Krathong is an important Thai holiday in which people gather at lakes, rivers and other bodies of water and float small krathong, which are small lotus-shaped vessels that contain candles, incense and various other offerings. Originally, these offerings were a sign of respect and gratitude for the river goddess. Today, the symbolic meanings have become broader and the holiday provides a festive atmosphere for participants. More information on Loi Krathong and its possible origins can be found here.

This year is the 8th time STOU has hosted a Loi Krathong celebration. The evening will feature traditional music and dance, folk performances, luk thung musicians and other presentations. Many vendors will be selling food and drinks, and fireworks will add to the excitement of the occasion.