Update on STOU's Search for a New President

Over the past several months, STOU has been going through the process of selecting a new president to take the place of Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pranee Sungkatavat, whose term ended on 30 June 2012. An early stage in the process was university-wide opinion gathering about what qualities are needed in the new STOU president. Departmental voting was also held to nominate candidates to be presented to the University Council for consideration. Most recently, the 13 candidates selected by the Council gave presentations detailing their visions for the future of the university and how they would lead STOU in the coming years. The University Council is currently conducting further reviews, and a final decision is expected to be made soon.

Following Friday’s decision, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Somchin Suntavaruk, Distinguished Member of the University Council and Acting President of STOU, will continue to fill this position until the new President receives official Royal appointment as the next President of STOU.