STOU President Holds Introductory Press Conference

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chailerd Pichitpornchai, M.D., President of STOU, held a press conference on 13 March 2013 to introduce his vision for STOU to the Thai media community. The event was attended by representatives from many major newspapers and radio/television stations. Dr. Chailerd explained the “I-DU” (ICT-Driven University) strategy, which views the university’s human resources as the heart of the university, with ICT and language as tools for addressing the challenges of the present and future. He also spoke about the benefits of studying with STOU, which provides learners with the education they need through programs built on individual course blocks that suit each student. Dr. Chailerd also took the opportunity to inform the press corps about two current undertakings: 1) the 57th World Assembly of the International Council on Education for Teaching, which will take place at STOU during 25-28 June 2013 (for more details, please visit the [link] conference website [/link]); and 2) the planned opening in 2014 of STOU’s first international program, the Master’s Program in Communication Arts for ASEAN. It will focus on producing graduates who will become communication leaders in the new regional landscape of ASEAN, and it will be the first such program in Thailand.