Why study at STOU?

  • STOU programs lead to degrees and qualifications that improve students’ lives. Every degree program taught at STOU has been approved by the Ministry of University Affairs. Furthermore, the Office of the Civil Service Commission has affirmed that all degrees from STOU hold the same honors, rights and privileges as those from conventional universities.

  • Students can study without taking time out from working. STOU students are able to continue pursuing their careers while studying in STOU degree programs.

  • Students can study in other educational institutions at the same time. STOU students can study in other educational institutions at the same time that they are enrolled in STOU because they don’t have to conform to a classroom schedule. Instead, they are able to study on their own, according to the demands of their lives. Being able to gain academic or professional experience outside of the STOU program greatly increases the value of a degree from STOU, opening up a broader range of opportunities upon completion.

  • An STOU education is affordable. Expenses for STOU students are significantly lower than in conventional universities, because students do not have extra expenses such as travel costs, room and board, uniforms and course materials.

  • Studying at STOU is convenient. STOU students can study from home, or anywhere else for that matter. They can learn through a combination of resources, including home-based materials and media, libraries, study centers and face-to-face tutorial sessions. Final examinations and makeup exams are conveniently administered in every province, and tasks such as registration can be completed by mail, telephone, internet or even through bank branches.

  • An STOU education provides freedom. STOU students are free to set a study schedule and style that fits with their readiness, availability and any other factors that have an impact on their lives.



  • Course materials are relevant and useful. STOU’s detailed and complete course materials are developed by qualified faculty and specialists to be accessible and easy to understand on their own, without the need for additional instruction or explanation.

  • STOU programs are accessible to the elderly and the disabled. Applicants age 60 and up are eligible for a discount in the cost of their studies at STOU. STOU works with disabled students (over 250 in 2010) by providing special services and developing appropriate alternative study materials such as audio textbooks.