1. Does STOU offer international programs or programs taught in English?

No. We are working to develop international programs in the future, but currently none are offered. Foreign students are welcome to study with STOU if they can speak, read and write Thai fluently. If interested, please visit the main application information page (in Thai) and follow the corresponding link for bachelor’s, graduate or certificate programs.

2. Where can I find information about job vacancies?

Applicants interested in teaching English at STOU may contact the School of Liberal Arts directly atlaoffice@stou.ac.th or +66 2 504 8511. All vacancies at STOU are also posted on the STOU Personnel Division website (in Thai).

3. Are exchange programs or student visits to STOU available?

We only take part in student exchanges under the terms of MOUs that STOU has signed with various partner institutions around the world. If you are connected with one of these universities, please approach that institution about conducting an exchange. However, we are not able to accommodate requests from outside of our cooperative network. Visit the agreements page to see the universities with which we have signed MOUs.

4. How many students are enrolled at STOU?

The following table shows student numbers studying bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.

Schools Students
Agricultural Extension and Cooperatives 4,483

Communication Arts 1,359
Economics 945
Educational Studies 4,518
Health Science 5,212
Human Ecology 2,207
Law 9,721
Liberal Arts 5,954
Management Science 20,466
Nursing 225
Political Science 6,624
Science and Technology 2,491



5. How do face-to-face tutorial and e-tutorial sessions work in the STOU distance learning system?

For information on tutorials and all other details on distance learning at STOU, please read our page on the STOU distance learning system. You can also visit our e-Learning page to see some examples and explore more about STOU e-Learning.

6. How can students outside of Thailand study with STOU?

STOU sends course materials and uses other media to connect with students overseas. Testing is done at Thai embassies and consulates. Students overseas with specific questions should use the Thai website to get contact information for the appropriate office or school.

7. What are the course fees at STOU?

The following table shows costs (in Thai baht) for new students as stipulated by STOU for academic year 2012.

Fees for Bachelor's Degree


Thai baht

1. Entrance fee
(paid once at time of application)


2. Study fee


3.STOU student record & registration change fee 
(paid once at time of application)


4.Course and materials fee 
(Please check the fee details with the School you are interested in.)


Fees for Master's Degree


Thai baht

1. Entrance fee
(paid once at time of application)


2. Study fee


3. STOU course materials development fee 
(paid once at time of application)


4. Course fee


5. Library fee



Fees for Doctoral Degree


Thai baht

1. Entrance fee
(paid once at time of application)


2. Study and course fee (flat rate)
- School of Management Science
- Other Schools


Fees for Certificate Programs

The following fees, set by STOU for academic year 2015, cover application and study costs for one four-month term.

• 1,100 baht per course block (some courses have additional costs for materials)

• 1,200 baht each for the following courses
- Foundational Chinese for Communication 1
- Foundational Chinese for Communication 2

The cost to repeat a course block is 400 baht (500 baht for each of the courses listed above), except in cases where the course text has been updated. In this situation, the course fee will be due.

8. Does STOU provide short training programs?

Yes, we do. Please check out the training program page for details.

9. Does STOU provide accommodation service for non-STOU staff and students?

The STOU Seminar and Training Center is pleased to welcome visitors, providing guestrooms, catering services, and meeting space. Check prices here.

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.